Best Alternatives for famous website and tools


  • Bing  the second biggest search engine in the US currently is Bing, with a market share of 19.8%Backed by Microsoft. Bing’s homepage has an ever-changing background consisting of places, animals, people, sports, etc.
  • DuckDuckGo is one of the fastest growing web search engines, which has gained particularly because of its plans on maintaining user privacy.
  • Wolfram Alpha is just for the Math geeks , mainly it curates its data, instead of caching web pages. This search engine curates data from a lot of reputed and trustworthy college publications/libraries, Crunchbase, FAA, Best Buy and many other sources.
  • is still more of a question-answer community rather than a full-blown search engine, but you could find answers to a wide variety of search queries here. closed its doors on Web search in 2009 and became completely focused on its original mission of providing a Questions-and-Answer community
  • Yandex is a Russian-based company providing Search and other such services on the web. With over 150 Million search queries operated per day by Yandex, it is the fourth largest Web Search engine in the World and the leading search engine in Russia.


  • Microsoft OneNoteText, drawings, web clips, audio – OneNote stores it all
    • Price: Free
    • Storage: Through OneDrive (5GB as standard)
    • Devices supported: Unlimited
  • Simple Note :Text-only notes for pretty much any device with a screen
    • Price: Free
    • Storage: Unlimited
    • Devices supported: Unlimited
  • CintanotesA lean note-taking app with handy shortcuts
    • Price: Free; Pro US$39 (about £30, AU$50); Lifetime Pro US$119 (about £90, AU$160)
    • Storage: 100MB for synchronized attachments
    • Devices supported: Unlimited (Windows only)
  • Google Keep :Quick reminders to jog your memory
    • Price: Free
    • Storage: Unlimited (attachments stored in Google Drive)
    • Devices supported: Unlimited


  • Linux :
    • Linux is free, it is widely available, and has acres of online guidance.
    • Despite the occasional vulnerability coming to light, Linux is regarded as much more secure than Windows
  • Chrome OS :
    • Chrome OS, from Google, is available on a number of low-cost and some high-end laptops
    • It’s also available to download free, often for installing on aging hardware.
  • FressBSD :
    • Often mentioned in the same breath as Linux, you could be forgiven for thinking that FreeBSD is just another Linux distribution.
    • While it shares the Unix-like roots of Linux, FreeBSD is the modern-day, open source version of the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).


  • Apple IOS :Pros:
    • Beautiful UI
    • Smooth operation
    • Regular Updates
    • Great quality of apps


    • Locked-down OS
    • Few customization features
  • MIUI :Pros:
    • Themes and exclusive features
    • Customization options
    • iOS-like interface


    • Slow updates
    • Vast difference from Android’s stock interface


  • Free office :
    • The latest version of SoftMaker’s FreeOffice 2016 comes with full compatibility for DOC, DOX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPT formats
    • The software is also easy on the eyes and very, very familiar to Word users.FreeOffice is also an excellent choice for professional projects.
    • it can also help you create PDF files or ePUB files, track changes in the document history to check up on editing, and switching to different languages on the fly.

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